RESOLVE is a consistent and effective ignition program to promote seed projects and start-ups in the health sector, boosting the translation of innovative ideas into business ventures and value creation.

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Researchers at i3S have developed a method that may help diagnose depression through blood tests. In the near future, MyRNA will create a kit that promises to contribute to a happier world.

ARNanoFilm on the news!

ARNanoFilm technology comprises the incorporation of antiretroviral drug-loaded nanoparticles into thin polymeric films. These systems are intended to be placed in the vagina in order to prevent male-to-female sexual transmission of HIV. It is expected that drug-loaded nanoparticles-in-films may provide enhanced safety and efficacy as compared...

SkinLesionRS on the news!

Skin cancer corresponds to 1/3 of all cancers and malignant melanoma is responsible for most skin cancer deaths. The SkinLesion technology targets this problem by enabling general practitioners in local health centers to perform a skin screening procedure according to the DGS’s Dermatological Telescreening norm, and do so with a much increased...

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