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The RESOLVE Toolbox is designed to help the selected teams to overcome frequent barriers that scientists and entrepeneurs face in the complex road of bringing their ideas to the health market and ultimately to patients. At least 10 selected teams will be supported through the RESOLVE Toolbox to achieve their valorisation goals in a shorter timeline. These Tools will be provided according to the results of the selection process.



Validation of Prototypes and Proofs-of-Concept


In the maturation process of seed and emerging business projects, particularly in health, the need for further technological development or proof-of-concept in a relevant clinical or industrial environment is often identified.

This is a financial support tool, to provide vouchers encompassing:

a. Completion of proof-of-concept (e.g. testing in relevant animal models, toxicity, pharmacodynamics studies, etc.);

b. Obtaining additional data to fulfil specific requirements of regulatory guidelines;

c. Validating a prototype in a relevant environment (e.g. validating a software with the end-user, or perform a pre-clinical study);

d. Validating an additional pipeline/application for the technology.

e. The amount provided by this tool will depend on the specific project needs identified in the diagnostic report, and will amount to a maximum of €75,000 per project. The validation of prototypes and proofs of concept will be preferentially developed at i3S facilities or at other partner’s facilities whenever technological services are not available at i3S.

End-users Forum


Currently, the production of science and health technologies often deviates from its end-users requirements producing a gap between the application conceived by the researcher/entrepreneur and the real needs experienced by the end-user. This can have severe implications on the companies’ success and that of products based on these technologies. This tool establishes communication routes between researchers/entrepreneurs and end-users (doctors, health professionals, hospital managers and/or patients) in order to validate technology, market needs and innovative products as early as possible.

Fast Track for Clinical Studies


Conducting studies in the clinical context requires a set of approval and standard operationalization procedures (SOPs) by internal offices of hospitals which vary from institution to institution, are bureaucratic and time consuming. This tool facilitates the submission process for clinical studies to the competent national authorities (Hospital Ethical Committees, CEIC, INFARMED and CNPD) by collecting all the procedures, forms and document models required for each hospital/clinical centre.



Team Building with MBAs


There is a current lack of business management skills and a general unfamiliarity with business and market strategies by the entrepreneurial scientific community which is key for the success of innovation projects and start-ups.

This tool attracts and embeds MBA students in the selected teams, providing management skills to the teams that have the seed projects or start-ups. Conversely, RESOLVE contributes to the training of management professionals in Health and Biomedical business management. 

The RESOLVE Program will award two cash prizes from 5000€/each:
•    Best Innovation Project to be awarded to the best Researcher(s)/Start-up Team.
•    Best Business Case by MBA Team to be awarded to the best MBA Team.

Observatory of Open Innovation Platforms


Open innovation platforms are interesting global-scale instruments of knowledge transfer for the search of solutions to address specific technological needs of companies or, conversely, as a potential vehicle for dissemination of new innovative technologies to companies. However, there has been a low awareness of the overall opportunities disclosed in open innovation platforms. This tool operates as a regular monitoring instrument to expand and promote technology transfer opportunities, aggregating data from multiple sources in a one-stop open innovation platform.

Licensing Contact List


Industrial Property (IP) licencing is often the first option by researchers who focus on scientific research. With little business expertise, researchers may opt to transfer to other entities the role of commercial exploitation of results. This tool potentiates licencing success by gathering a list of the relevant direct contacts (key persons) within companies in the health, medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors.

Meeting with Investors


Lack of financial support constitutes a particular difficulty to the evolution of Health and Biotech companies. This tool promotes the interaction between venture capital/business angels and researchers/entrepreneurs, at the correct timing, promoting opportunities for investment in innovative businesses in health sector.